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Paper/Ribbon Products

Paper & Ribbon Products

Total Business Systems carries a wide variety of the highest quality POS printer ribbons and paper and they're all compatible with most POS printers used by stores, restaurants and other businesses. Companies throughout Jacksonville trust our solutions and at Total Business Systems, there are some key points when buying paper & ribbons.

  1. Not overpaying
  2. Finding a roll that fits your machine
  3. Selecting the correct ribbon for your printer 


At Total Business Systems, you don't have to worry about any of these issues. We keep our overhead stock low in order to offer you the best prices available in Jacksonville and we have created this guide below to help you find the thermal paper rolls and receipt paper you need:

Finding the right thermal paper or receipt paper that fit your printer or cash register can be a little confusing. Please use this step-by-step guide to make the process easier. You're just a few simple steps from identifying the right product.

First, determine whether you use thermal paper or bond paper. Most POS systems and credit card printers use thermal rolls. If you are buying POS paper or credit card paper, and if you are not using a really old machine, you're probably using thermal paper.

If you are using an older cash register, kitchen printer or calculator, you may be looking for plain bond paper.

If you have to put a ribbon in your cash register or point of sale system, you know you need bond paper. Unlike thermal paper, which contains heat sensitive ink directly in the paper, register paper is totally plain, and it requires a ribbon to imprint ink onto the paper.

We carry Thermal paper rolls, Single-ply bond paper rolls, Two-ply carbonless paper rolls.

You need to select the thermal or bond roll with the proper width and length for your printer unit. Most printers require a roll of a specific width so that it will work properly. If the paper is too wide it won't fit into the allotted space, and if it is too narrow it won't turn correctly.

You normally have more flexibility in selecting the paper length of your paper rolls. Choosing a longer length in general allows a small cost savings, but if you choose one that's too long, the paper roll could be too large for your machine.

If you need help selecting the correct paper or ribbon for your printer, you can call our local team here in Jacksonville and we will assist you in selecting the right product for your paper and ribbon needs.

We do offer ½ dozen and full dozen when ordering ribbons.

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