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Frequently Asked Questions

Q – Do we offer support 24 hours a day?
a – Yes, call 904-483-3520 anytime day or night and our friendly Jacksonville-based technicians will assist you

Q – What number do I call about getting information on new products or services?
a – Just call 904–483–3500 to speak with our experts right here in Jacksonville, we would be more than happy to help

Q – What email address should I use for new product or service requests?
a – Just send your email request to

Q – How long has Total Business Systems been in business?
a – Since 1991 – we service a 300 mile radius around the Jacksonville and North Florida area

Q – What website do I go to for remote support?
a – Please visit

Q – What email address would I send a support request to?
a – Just send your request to

Q – Should I call your support phone number after I have submitted a support request via email?
a – We encourage a phone call to follow the majority of most support requests but absolutely feel the call should be made on critical site down issues. 

Q – What is your average response time on returning calls after hours?
a – Approximately 4 minutes

Q – Do you offer maintenance contracts?
a – Yes, we offer a variety of contracts, block time options and straight hourly rates on an à la carte basis

Q – What do you consider the best antivirus to use to protect my computer systems?
a – We feel that Web Root Antivirus is the best product currently on the market

Q – Web browsing is running slowly, how can I fix this?
a – Delete your temporary Internet files from within your browser

Q – Do you repair laptops?
a– Yes, our technicians are very experienced at performing laptop repairs

Q – Do you do antivirus removal?
a – Yes we do, we are very experienced on doing cleanups and repairs to computers that have gotten infected