Need help with your IT management? We’ll shoulder the burden with you

Your in-house IT team is already doing their best to manage your day-to-day business IT but they need help to tackle some of the larger tasks. With our Co-Managed IT services, your IT team will be able to work closely with our engineers to complete all of your IT tasks on time. We are here to complement your team and assist them with any IT tasks that they cannot manage. 

Not only will your IT department get backup when they need it most, but our team will also share knowledge and advice on best practices with them. Allow your internal IT department to work with TBS’s experienced IT professionals, and they can collaborate on concepts and decisions.

Escalate tickets to us when your IT department needs help — we’re available 24/7/365

Use Total Business Systems as a way for your IT department to share ideas, work on IT projects together, escalate difficult support tickets to TBS and call on experts when your team needs them the most. Our tools provide the core functionality that our network engineers require to manage end users effectively and deliver more than 85% of services remotely.

With Co-Managed IT Services from TBS, your business will enjoy:

A diverse team of experienced IT professionals that will follow your team’s lead

IT support available 24/7/365, delivered instantaneously via top-tier remote access tools

IT support available 24/7/365, delivered on-site as needed according to your schedule

Consulting services that assist with determining, acquiring, and implementing the ideal IT products and solutions for your business needs

A cost-effective solution to your IT issues