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In this day and age, a simple security system is present in most businesses and in almost every private home. A security system (CCTV) may or may not protect you from an intruder, but to catch these individuals and prevent your business and home from being invaded, destroyed, and violated, you need to have an effective video surveillance system in place. With a video surveillance system, police will be able to catch and convict criminals using irrefutable evidence. 

At Total Business Systems, we offer a variety of video surveillance and security systems and can customize our solutions to your exact needs. Whether you own a small business and want to prevent and discourage theft or have a multilevel parking garage with tremendous traffic, Total Business Systems will create a custom solution for you.

Simplify Security at Scale

Envision a comprehensive cloud-managed platform that unifies all your building and security products, accessible seamlessly from any location and device.

One Integrated Physical Security Cloud Platform

Video Surveillance Services

We can efficiently configure devices within minutes, providing teams with an intuitive user interface accessible via both a mobile app and a web browser.

Streamline device management by centralizing all devices onto a user-friendly interface. Effortlessly provision users across multiple locations while simplifying operations through the console’s intelligent automation

Enhance security and resilience through the console’s robust system architecture, which incorporates features such as two-factor authentication and automatic software patching. This design aims to mitigate inherent vulnerabilities, safeguard data, and adapt to evolving threats.

Harness the capabilities of robust, edge-based analytics to enhance enterprise security while maintaining a software-first approach. Unlike on-premises solutions that can swiftly become outdated, our solutions continually evolve, incorporating new features

Incident Resolution

Enhance global threat detection capabilities across remote sites and expedite response times using advanced features.
Video Surveillance Services

Centralize pertinent video footage within a unified, easily accessible repository, facilitating seamless collaboration among teams during investigations and streamlining the reporting process.

With our latest generation camera models, you can effortlessly replay videos and observe detected person trajectories, enabling a swift and efficient search process.

Effortlessly oversee all your devices and efficiently manage physical security while on the move using a user-friendly Command application. No need for port-forwarding or VPNs.

Begin proactive monitoring with alert notifications for camera events like motion, tampering, people of interest, license plates of interest and camera status with alert inbox.

Replay videos instantly and view detected person trajectories for fast, efficient searching with our latest generation camera models.

Securely share camera footage with authorized users, allowing them to access sites and camera feeds through links or SMS.

Personalize grids with up to 12 live camera feeds. Incorporate cameras from an entire site for comprehensive coverage.

Analytics Insight

Unlock a new level of investigative capabilities with cutting-edge computer vision technology.
Video Surveillance Services

Conduct searches for individuals on a specific camera or across multiple cameras using a range of attributes, including clothing color, gender appearance and facial matches.

Efficiently search, filter, and view high-resolution snapshots of detected vehicles, while generating multi-angle playback and filtering by attributes like vehicle color and body type.

Real-time license plate monitoring, streamline investigations, and enhance security through live plate detection, fast character capture, and location-specific alerts.

Visualize live motion detection and aggregated motion activity of individuals through color-coded contours or heatmaps, seamlessly overlaid on your uploaded floorplans.

Validate entry and exit based events and gain context around changes in air quality by pairing cameras with access control and sensors.

Conduct faster and more accurate investigations with history player and archive an unlimited amount of footage to the cloud.

Management Control

At the user, device, and site levels, streamline administrative actions with granular control.
Video Surveillance Services

Enhance security and collaboration by customizing access levels for Site Admins, Site Viewers and Users. Fine-tune archive and link sharing permissions to fit your organization's requirements.

Gain insights into foot traffic counts at key locations, track changes in air quality across sites and timeframes, and effectively monitor activity based on guest types.

Get notified via SMS text or email if cameras experience downtime or tampering. Check live camera status with color-coded indicators.

Enhance security by enforcing 2FA setup and usage for all users in your organization when logging into the console alongside a password.

Maximize convenience and enhance security by implementing Single Sign-On (SSO) as the authentication method for your users.

Streamline manual onboarding and offboarding by configuring SCIM to provision and manage your users and groups through Okta or Azure identity management.

Compliance & Privacy

Achieving an optimal balance between safeguarding privacy and maintaining the capacity for thorough investigations is crucial.

Utilize the Feature Manager to enable, disable, or permanently remove specific features within your organization for compliance, security, and privacy purposes.

Efficiently convey information about the products and features utilized within your organization by employing a distinct QR code tailored to each of your various sites.

Effortlessly monitor system access and changes by reviewing audit logs on a per-camera or organizational basis.

Explore the measures that can be implemented within the console to enhance system security, including securing system access, defining appropriate roles and permissions, and conducting thorough reviews of preferences and historical actions.

Implement privacy-sensitive monitoring of your premises by applying real-time face blurring to individuals detected in your live streams. Additionally, provide the capability to promptly unblur faces when incidents require immediate attention.

See who is watching your camera’s live stream and manage users access to video feeds.

Implement precise control over recording in sensitive areas by establishing customized blackout zones within specific sections of a camera’s field of view.

With Video Surveillance Systems From TBS, You Can Enjoy:​​

Fast Response

Get quick, reliable support for your video surveillance issues. Expert assistance available 24/7 to ensure seamless security.

Peace Of Mind

Experience peace of mind with our video surveillance, ensuring your safety and security around the clock

Cutting Edge

Experience high quality security with our video surveillance systems, employing the latest cutting-edge AI technology.

On-Premise CCTV Built With AI

All-around video surveillance services & solutions for varied needs using an on-premises platform, accessible seamlessly from any location and device.

The smart video surveillance solution

Base Core Technologies

Specializing in imaging and video-related technologies, pioneering numerous domains – from high definition to low-light imaging, from image stabilization to video streaming, and more.

Artificial Intelligence analytics employs sophisticated algorithms to automate the processes of detection, categorization, and in-depth analysis of objects and motion within a camera’s visual range.

Technologies that render colorful and clear footage even in very dim light.

8K and 4K solutions and LED displays empower users with the ability to zoom in on large scenes to view extremely small details without quality loss.

Emerging sensing technologies, specifically designed for outdoor environments, are capable of identifying events and furnishing a level of detail that surpasses the capabilities of traditional camera systems

Multi-lens cameras are capable of concurrently providing expansive panoramic images and intricate, magnified perspectives within the same extensive scene.

Security systems maintain seamless and cost-efficient operations through the implementation of Hikvision’s H.265+ compression, uninterrupted streaming, and scheduled backup technologies.

Alarm verifications can be conducted utilizing dependable, real-time video footage during the occurrence of security incidents.

By utilizing devices that necessitate a single cable and straightforward configuration, both installers and users can conserve valuable resources, such as time and financial expenditure, which might otherwise be wasted on superfluous cable installation.

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Total Business Systems has been installing, configuring, and designing video surveillance services in northeast Florida since 1991.

We offer a variety of video surveillance options to monitor and secure properties for all residential customers, retail, corporate, and industrial businesses alike.

From implementing and deploying cloud physical security systems, ultra-high-definition (UHD) cameras, audio recording, auto-tracker, Digital Video Recording (DVR), Network Video Recording (NVR), Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) dome systems, and Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV), we are your one-stop shop for all of your video surveillance needs.

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