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Cloud Access Control & Video Management Software

Remote access from anywhere, at any time, from any device. It is intuitive, simple to use and easy to learn.

Access Control

Software Features

Cloud based software designed for simplicity and secure access.

Access Control

Administer your system with a simple to use interface in a web-browser without having to install additional software.

View live and archived footage with a powerful built in video management system.

View live and archived footage with a powerful built in video management system.

Log into your system from a web-browser anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Administer your system on mobile devices with the free Paxton Connect app that can be used off site.

Use your smartphone or smartwatch in place of traditional tokens with the app.

Customize your view of console, create widgets and build your own dashboard, combining video, site plans, events and building controls.

Permissions & Reports

Customizable permissions and reports for event tracking and user management.
Access Control

Fully customizable software permissions allow you to give tailored access to particular areas of the software, reports, dashboards or users.

Create effective landlord/tenant scenarios with customizable building permissions and folder structures, with access only for specific user.

Choose from pre-defined reports or build your own, allowing you to choose the precise event types you want to view for your site.

Use the software to control devices on your system; for example, open a door.

Import your own images for a visual representation of your site, to monitor access, control devices or view video simply and easily.

Easily create rules based on system events, including controlling other doors, devices or arm/disarm the intruder alarm.

Prevent a user from passing their token back to a second person to gain entry into the same controlled area.

Create reports listing all users currently within a specified area. In the event of an emergency this helps to confirm all users have evacuated safely.

Stand out from the rest

Futureproofed, online web-based access control and video management solution. Accessible from any device with an internet connection, the software makes it easy to manage and monitor the security of your site. Scalable up to 100 sites on a single system with up to 1,000 doors, 1,000 cameras and 50,000 users.

The software has a range of intelligent features making it easy to tailor your security system to your specific needs. Manage building security and video surveillance with your own customized dashboards, run event reports, view live and recorded video, and create and manage users all in one place.

Optimized for use on PCs and tablets, with the free app providing easy and flexible site management from your smartphone (available on iOS or Android).

Wireless Access Control Entry

The smart key app allows access through doors with your smartwatch or without ever taking your smartphone out of your bag or pocket. The free Bluetooth® smart credentials are easy to issue and use, and allow you to open any access control door using the smart key app.

Available for iOS and Android phones, as well as Apple Watches and Wear OS, the smart key app offers ultimate convenience and ease of use.

Tap the reader with smart device in 1-2m range.

Present smart device to reader as a token.

Ideal for car park barriers, smart device read at 5-10m range.

Access Control

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