We deliver the latest in Access Control technology

Whether access control locations are on fence turnstiles, gates, overhead doors, offices, filing cabinets or data centers, we have done it all and are up to any unique challenge your business is facing.

Touch Screen Technology

Touch screen technology is one of our fastest-growing market areas for restaurant and retail stores. We carry the latest in touch screen solutions, ranging from fingerprint ID to frequent dining to multi-store corporate consolidation. Our touch screen systems build efficiency and are extremely easy to use.


Biometric access controls authenticate and grant access to a physical entry point or system based on the automatic and immediate verification of someone’s physical characteristics.

Biometrics are considered the strongest and most error-proof physical security solution because they identify an individual’s bodily data to confirm access.

TBS provides very reliable and practical access control system solutions. Our customer locations include:​

Auto Dealerships​

Restaurants & Cafes


And many more