Voice & Data Wiring

Leading-edge voice and data wiring solutions

Uptime is everything when it comes to your company’s internet and phone service. We have the equipment and manpower to cover all of your wiring needs from computers, servers, data, networks, VoIP, video surveillance, access control, and point-of-sale systems. From designing your cable layout to installation, our professional technicians will manage your entire infrastructure to ensure fast and reliable voice and data transmission.

Your structured cabling solutions experts

Installing network cables properly saves valuable troubleshooting time and prevents the possibility of costly downtimes. Total Business Systems knows exactly what you need to get your voice and data communications integrated and working seamlessly.

Voice and Data Wiring services, benefits and features include:

Point-To-Point Wireless Connectivity

Structure indoor and outdoor voice and data cabling

Power your access points and desk phones with power over ethernet for years to come

Future proof your network and ensure proper cabling installation

Expand your office or building to connect more devices

Faster local network speeds to transfer data

Better shielding to help ensure data integrity and high-speed performance

Fiber-Optic systems

Server and network racks and enclosures