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User Management

 Total Business Systems – Managed Services Overview

Other user management services we offer include:

Total Business Systems Managed Services is the most powerful, flexible remote network, security, desktop, server management solution available. No other solution combines best in class monitoring capabilities with industry-leading management capabilities. Our Remote Management System provides the core functionality that our Network Operations professionals require to manage end-users effectively and deliver more than 95% of services remotely. These capabilities are critical for complying with internal SLAs governing IT service delivery.



  • Reduces costs by driving efficiencies
  • Automates manual tasks so your organization can focus on strategic IT initiatives
  • Allows our Network Operations Center professionals to support and troubleshoot remotely anytime, anywhere


  • Remotely patch desktops and servers
  • Remote control and remote desktop and server management
  • Distribution of software and scripts to remote PCs and servers
  • Provide asset and license management for PCs and other devices
  • Integrates with Intel®vPro™ for scheduled bulk power control and system defense for isolating an infected machine from a network while retaining remote access to the device

Additional Features:

  • Remote Desktop & Server Management
  • Real-time comprehensive Windows PC and server management including enhanced remote control, file transfers, stopping/starting services, printer and drive access, memory and registry files
  • PC Configuration & Policy Management
  • Remote Environment Manager allows us to manage and enforce standard environments for PCs across your network from a single management console, thus significantly reducing support costs.

Network Alert and Notification Engine


One of the keys to ensuring scalability in our IT services organization is to manage end-user issues by exception. At a high level, this means keeping staff working proactively to raise service levels, repair issues before they lead to downtime and do proactive project work to minimize the number of end-user issues that arise.


TOTAL BUSINESS SYSTEMS Managed Services delivers this capability by leveraging our availability,Predictive failure, capacity and event monitoring services to provide key failure and predictive failure information. The notification engine turns his into a true management-by-exception system. With its robust notification system, The Remote Management System can alert our Network Operations Center (NOC) staff to warnings or failures occurring on your network. We custom configure these thresholds for each device that determine when an issue occurs. The notification engine can then notify our technical staff whenever an issue is detected. This allows us to actively support devices and end-users while being secure in the knowledge that when a critical issue occurs, we will know about it and can respond appropriately.


Alerts can be sent to our technicians and to your staff through a variety of notification methods, including Tigerpaw-CRM, SMS, email and pager. With this flexibility, notifications can be received through email during the day, pager in the evening or a group pager during off hours. This ensures that notifications will always be forwarded to the right person, at the right time. Automatic escalation, repeats, delays and acknowledgements ensure that notifications are not missed. If the notifications are not acknowledged within an appropriate time, they can be escalated to another level. The acknowledgement capabilities ensure that other staff members know when someone is responding to an incident, avoiding duplication of effort and maximizing efficiency. The TOTAL BUSINESS SYSTEMS Remote Management System notification engine is rules-based, flexible and adaptable. Notification profiles can be created and applied across all end-users or a group of them, while still retaining the capability to provide user-specific customization. The scheduling features allow us to define your preferred notification method (Tigerpaw-CRM, SMS, email or pager), as well as assign schedules to primary and secondary notifications on the same network issue.


Fully Managed Endpoint Security


Fully integrated in the TOTAL BUSINESS SYSTEMS Remote Managed Services remote monitoring and management platform, our Endpoint Security solution offers midsize businesses maximum protection against current and future threats to IT assets. Based on a combination of the most advanced proactive technologies for endpoints and periodical in-depth audits, it offers comprehensive enterprise-class security for all Windows devices.


Complete Security


Powered by a market-leading security engine, Endpoint Security Manager delivers integrated anti-virus, client-side anti-spam, anti-malware, personal firewall and host intrusion prevention for Windows desktops, laptops and servers. It is fully

Integrated to deliver enhanced functionality that’s unmatched.


In a Class of its Own


Our Endpoint Security Manager establishes a new class of security IT solution that delivers added value by providing deployment, configuration, updating, monitoring and reporting services across multiple network sites all from our central Network Operations Center.


Our Endpoint Security Manager is the only solution that includes, a fully managed suite of all necessary protections including a host-based intrusion prevention system and application management.




Many midsize companies have regulatory obligations pertaining to security, but have a limited ability to meet them. TOTAL BUSINESS SYSTEMS Managed Services and Endpoint Security Manager can help organizations fulfill these responsibilities in two ways:


  • Monitoring of the protection and detected alerts assists with compliance efforts and ensures networks are secure.
  • Generating patch and anti-virus reports that are critical for meeting regulatory obligations and demonstrate the value of your services.

24/7/365 Enhanced Proactive Monitoring

IT network monitoring services from TOTAL BUSINESS SYSTEMS will ensure proactive, expert attention to your network round the clock. Remote tools allow the TOTAL BUSINESS SYSTEMS Assessment Engineers to virtually monitor your entire network without having to step foot into your company doors. This level of detail provides clear, predictable and actionable visibility into capacity planning, security, compliance and business continuity risks as they arrive.


These Services include:

24/7/365 reporting and data analysis of key service metrics across the entire network infrastructure.

  • Servers and Services (Physical and Virtual)
  • Firewall and Services
  • Network Switches and Devices
  • Desktops / Laptops
  • Dedicated engineering team for implementation, administration and client reporting
  • Customized client need driven monthly, quarterly and semiannual reporting and onsite reviews

Available Reports:



  • Alert by Category Report Alert
  • Summary by Category Report
  • Application Availability Report
  • AV Status Report
  • Availability Comparison Report
  • Capacity Planning Report
  • Critical Error Report
  • Data Protection Report
  • Device Notes Report
  • Downtime Cost Impact Report
  • Executive Summary Report
  • Firewall Incident Trend Report
  • Hardware Inventory Report
  • Hardware upgrade Planning
  • Health QuickView Report
  • Incident Summary Report
  • Last Boot up Time and Logged In
  • User by Device Report
  • Ticket Summary Report
  • Traffic usage Report
  • Utilization Comparison Report
  • Technical Summary Report


  • Managed Devices by Operating System Report
  • Managed Devices SLA Report
  • Managed Devices Summary Report
  • Managed Devices Versus Time Report
  • Monthly Availability Report
  • Monthly Availability Comparison Report
  • Network Health Overview Report
  • Network Oversight Report
  • Notification Summary Report
  • Patch Overview Report
  • Patch Status Report
  • Printer Consumables Report
  • Remote Control usage Report
  • Resource utilization Report
  • Security Alert Report
  • Service Availability Report
  • Shared Folders Overview
  • Site Overview Report
  • Software Inventory Report




  • General Computer Setup

  • Software/Hardware Installation

  • General Maintenance/Repairs

  • Virus/Malware Control

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