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Security Services


Video Surveillance

In this day and age, a simple security system is present in most businesses and in almost every private home. At Total Business Systems, we offer a variety of video surveillance and security systems and can customize our solutions to your exact needs. We combine state-of-the-art technology with the service and experience level that only 25 years of doing business in the Jacksonville can provide.

A security system may or may not protect you from an intruder, but in order to catch these individuals and prevent your business and home from being invaded, destroyed and violated, you need to make a stand. With a Video Surveillance System, police will be able to catch and convict these criminals with irrefutable evidence. Now we all know that the best evidence is evidence that could not be argued in a court of law and that is a video clip. 

With a Video Security System, we will be able to give you the peace of mind and security you need. Whether you own a small business and want to prevent and discourage theft, or have a multilevel parking garage with tremendous traffic, Total Business Systems will create a custom solution for you. We have cameras and total monitoring recording systems to serve every business need.

Access Control

Total Business Systems provides very reliable and practical access control system solutions. Customer locations include: 

  • Small and Medium size businesses
  • Large bank operations centers
  • Paper companies
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing sites
  • Industrial chemical plant
  • Large communication subsidiaries

Whether access locations are on fence turnstiles, gates, overhead doors, offices, filing cabinets, or data centers, we have done it all and are up to any unique surveillance challenge your business is facing. 


Biometric security systems authenticate and grant access to a physical entry point or system based on the automatic and immediate verification of someone’s physical characteristics. Biometrics are considered the strongest and most error-proof physical security solution because they identify an individual’s bodily data to confirm access. Our Jacksonville-based team has great knowledge of a wide range of biometric security systems.  

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